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Seth and Josie Lippard's Sacred Song Site
Our History

Our Mission

In the mid '90s, each of our spouses died of debilitating cancer after spending lengthy time in hospitals and/or nursing homes. During that time, we discovered there was very little in the way of spiritual comfort except for an occasional chaplain or minister who would stop by.

In 1996, God brought us together in love and subsequent marriage. We asked the Holy Spirit to direct our lives and were led to continue the FREE DISTRIBUTION of Seth's SACRED SONGS tape to Christians and non-Christians who are confronted with serious illness or confinement in nursing homes. Our specific goal is to send one or more tapes to every nursing home in America.

This tape has some well-known hymns, "The Lord's Prayer," "Eternal Life" (Prayer of St. Francis), Spirituals, and other songs that can help you give praise and glory to the Lord.

The organist, Robert Carwithen, joins us in wishing you God's richest blessing as you listen to this tape.

4 Foxcroft Lane Phoenixville, PA 19460